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Create and share your makeup looks, all on your phone.

Stop fighting with paper and wasting makeup.

From this simple mobile app you can create any number of face charts, keep them on the cloud, and share them with the world.

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Easily Tweak and Test Looks

You don't have to create a whole new chart just to see how a different color concealer will look.

With FaceChartz just duplicate and experiment. As much as you like. Subscribe to other members' face charts and build on their work too.

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Up Your Makeup Game

Don't limit yourself to only the products you have on hand.

With FaceChartz subscribe to top brands to use thier products. Or create your own from scratch. Or do both!

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Connect and collaborate with communities of makeup artists.

You're not alone! Together you can learn from, teach and inspire each other with built-in social networking.
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Create and Promote Your Personal Brand

Cultivate your network and influence. Build your brand by helping to level up others and showcasing your skills with in-app Pro Tools.
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Paper Bad. FaceChartz Good.

Paper was great in its day. Its day is over. FaceChartz takes you beyond...
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No More Piles of Paper Face Charts
Paper is hard to manage, bulky, and easy to loose. Keep all your work, all of the time, on your phone with FaceChartz.
Paper Isn't Editable
With FaceChartz make edit any detail any time. Duplicate your work and compare adjustments. Effortless experimentation.
You Can't Share Paper'
People want to see your work. You want feedback. Share with the world instantly with FaceChartz. Try that with paper.

Features? Yes We've Got a Few...

Branded Products
Work directly with brand name products and colours, or make your own colours if you like.
Manage Face Charts
Organize your face charts into collections. Strucutre with tags. Instantly search by tag, technique, product, colour, whatever.
Share Face Charts
Send links to your work. Allow other users to subscribe to you. Post to social media. Promote yourself.
Automated Shopping Lists
Select the face charts you want, and with one tap to get an instant shopping list of all the products you need.
Promote Yourself
Showcase your skills by sharing your work. Publish a public profile. Connect with other social media. Post videos to teach and inspire.
Subscribe to other members to duplicate thier shared, editable face charts into your collections. Duplicate your own to experiment with endless variations.

We are about to set a date for beta release. The more interest we get, the harder we will drive. So click that button and add a little fuel to our fire!

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FaceChartz for Face Charts.

Helping professional and aspiring makeup artists experiment, create, share and up their game.